Whitney Institute Middle School

Principal’s Message

principal-whitneyWhitney Institute Middle School is a gem in the heart of Smith’s parish. This incredible historical institution has stood tall for more than 125 years, providing a first-class education to the students of the Bermudian community.

With this legacy at the fore, Whitney Institute is committed to striving for excellence in all aspects (academic, athletic and social) and ensuring that all of the students who matriculate through its doors are prepared for the global world; for Malcolm X once said that, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

This means that we have a tremendous mission at hand. It is our responsibility to not only cultivate minds and hearts, but more importantly it is our charge to remain steadfast to our vision, “to unlock the potential in each and every single student”.

Recognising that as each student’s face differs and so do their needs, we commit to providing programmes that develop the whole child; for a well-rounded child is a healthy child and a healthy child is more likely to make positive contributions to our society.

One can come onto the campus for a visit at any time to see first hand the various activities that the students are engaged in on a daily and weekly basis. Our three core values, respect, responsibility and resilience, resonate throughout our hallways and our classrooms.

The quality of teaching and learning is paramount. Our teachers work diligently and are constantly pushed to go the extra mile for our students by forging lasting relationships with them so that stronger connections can be made. We are thankful that several community organisations have partnered with us to assist us in our vision and mission and we aim to build upon these partnerships as we move forward.

Whitney Institute intends to be a formidable force in the future of Bermuda and it will continue to stand as a beacon emanating rays of hope: Magnanimeter Crucem Sustine . . . Keep the faith with the greatness of spirit.


Transformation Years

Our students take you behind the scenes of our school and share their visions for a Better Bermuda