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principal-somersfieldShortly after this Royal Gazette school salute is published, I shall complete four exciting and rewarding years in Bermuda as Principal of Somersfield Academy. I shall leave with happy memories as I did on my only previous visit to the island which was in 1982 when I played in a rugby match for the Bahamas against Bermuda on the old National Field which oddly and coincidentally is now of course Somerfield’s green and lovely campus.

Arriving in 2012, I found Somersfield about to embark on the renewal of its international accredited status with the Canadian Association of Independent Schools, (CAIS). This proved to be a marvelous vehicle for review and reflection across the whole school community and prompted us to focus hard on our core beliefs, the quality of our unique educational programmes and our clear and vibrant Somersfield Promise.

The qualities of support and commitment which were so evident through the process and which led to reaccreditation and a strong new Strategic Plan have been signatures of my four year involvements with Somerfield. The tireless work of our parent volunteers, the professionalism and enthusiasm of teachers and office staff combined with a hard working committed visionary Board of Governors, led by Aaron Smith, have been a blessing to me as Principal and have made my tasks and responsibilities clear, compelling and rewarding.

Somersfield has reached its 25th anniversary in robust shape, with record high enrolment and an increasingly strong list of alumni demonstrating high levels of further educational success.

Careful succession planning throughout 2015/16 means that there will be a seamless transfer to Carlos Symonds as new Principal and Cynthia Thomas as new Board chair in September 2016. Both are highly experienced and have a great understanding of and empathy for, Somerfield. The future looks bright under their leadership of the next 25 years.

It has been a privilege for my wife and I to have the opportunity to live on this unique and beautiful island and to have been so warmly treated not only by the Somerfield community but many we have met in the wider community as well. We leave with a kaleidoscope of positive, indelible memories and will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to have lived here and to have been a small part of Somerfield’s growth and success.






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