Sandys Secondary Middle School

Principal’s Message

principal-sandysDuring the summer of 2007, shortly after being appointed Principal of Sandys Secondary Middle School, I was immediately given a quick lesson on vitally important do’s and don’ts about this prestigious institution. A family member, closely associated with Sandys, stated emphatically that I should never use an apostrophe when spelling the name of the school. Furthermore, although the name of the school is spelled Sandys, the correct pronunciation is ‘Sands’ and not ‘Sandies’.

The same focus on details existed in October of 1927, when our visionary founders created an opportunity for young people to participate in receiving a formal education. No one was turned away from receiving a quality education. For 88 years, our school leaders and teachers have worked diligently and collectively to add value to the lives of every student that has graced the halls of Sandys Secondary Middle. We are pleased to share that many of our former students have contributed significantly in the following professions: Education, Politics, Religion, Law, Finance, Insurance, Tourism, Medicine, Architecture, Marine Science, Law Enforcement, Sport, etc. Significant accomplishments have taken place in the 21st century. In 2010, under the leadership of Mr Troy Washington, our Showtime Drum-line performed for the Queen. In 2011, 16 M3 students at Sandys Secondary Middle School became the first group of middle school students to successfully pass the GCSE in Mathematics, an accomplishment typically achieved during a student’s second or third year in senior school. In just under two years, students in our Design and Technology Programme have successfully built two punts (Optimus Prams). For eight consecutive years, the entire school family (teachers, administrators, students and parents) has successfully built award-winning floats in the Bermuda Day Parade. In October 2014, Sandys Secondary Middle School engaged in another innovative opportunity after receiving Bermuda’s first commercial license to grow and sell tilapia in our Aquaculture Fish Farm, which is housed on campus. As we continue to move forward, creating individualised academic plans for students, strengthening our technology capabilities, solidifying our partnership with the Ex-Scholars’ Association, as well as the community (and businesses) at large, our communities will be greatly enriched.


Transformation Years

Our students take you behind the scenes of our school and share their visions for a Better Bermuda