Over the past school year students, teachers and faculty have been working with the Young Observer team at The Royal Gazette on the Bermuda National School Salute Series.

We will be exploring the ‘transformational years’ — focusing on the characteristics of our teenagers: their physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, moral and psychological traits.

As we explore teenage characteristics, we encourage you to listen to the children’s truth and purity as they share their hopes and visions for their future.

This year the Senior School Reporter Teams will be reporting on their schools with a special focus on their visions and hopes for Bermuda in eight areas of activity within our community: Education, Economics, Entertainment, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Law & Politics, and Labour.

Join us as we take a much-needed moment to reflect on the amazing jobs that our school communities are doing for the youth of Bermuda.

We hope that you enjoy the Bermuda National School Salute 2016 Series.

A word

From our CEO

Awesome! This is the word to describe the effort of the students, teachers and faculty who have contributed to The 2016 Bermuda National School Salute.

The Salute was borne out of discussions between Sarah Fellows and The Royal Gazette focusing on how we could engage with the young people of Bermuda. Sarah joined us to work with students and redevelop the weekly Young Observer. In one of our many discussions we pondered how to raise the bar and take our engagement with young people to the next level. It was from these discussions that we came up with the idea of The Salute magazine series. It seemed like it fit with everything we wanted to accomplish – a great way for the RG to engage with students during the school year and a way for us to nudge the community to focus on the education system – a system that is constantly being criticised. We knew there was a great deal of positivity happening daily in the schools that needed to be shared.

The Royal Gazette launched The National School Salute in 2015 with the vision of sharing the opinions of students while going behind the scenes in our schools. Last year, the School Salute focused on the eight senior private and public schools. This year we are excited to have extended the programme to include our five public middle schools. The first two School Salute magazines titled “The Transformation Years” were written by staff and students at Sandys, Clearwater, Dellwood, Whitney Institute and TN Tatem middle schools. The remaining eight papers, one for each senior school, celebrate important school achievements and share student views on eight topics: Education, Economics, Entertainment, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Law & Politics and Labour. We are excited to give the students a medium to share their experiences and ideas on important subjects within the community.

The School Salute, for all intents and purposes, is a way for students to educate us. Today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow. We believe our community and leaders need to be listening to their views as decisions are made about the future of Bermuda that one day they will inherit.

I must take this opportunity to thank Colonial Insurance and Lindo’s Group of Companies for their financial support and belief in this initiative. Please take a few minutes from May 9-20 to read the School Salute magazines.

Show your support for our young people by wearing your school colours!


Jonathan Howes