Dellwood Middle School

Principal’s Message

principal-dellwoodAs the new Principal of Dellwood Middle School, it is a pleasure to become the leader of this great school community. Dellwood enjoys a rich history of academic excellence that is the result of a collegial partnership between the school staff and parents who provide the necessary support to meet the needs of our students.

I know that both myself and the Dellwood staff are truly committed to providing a safe environment where our students can become future leaders of our community. I am truly honoured to be appointed to this position and am looking forward to working with the dedicated staff to provide the best possible educational programme for our students.

My vision for the school is “every child who leaves our school will have the social and academic skills and abilities to make choices in their lives”.

I realise that differentiated, rigorous, and relevant instruction that meets the needs of each student will be the vehicle to continuing the success that has been experienced and that will propel us forward. The learning environment must be as safe and secure as possible for all students, staff, and support personnel. A team approach most definitely is necessary to create and maintain that desired learning environment.

The experience and skills that I have acquired over my 22 years in education have more than adequately prepared me for my newest position as the Principal of Dellwood Middle School, the home of the roaring lions. As an educator, I see the role of the teacher as a guide and believe that if we treat the school as a community, we will create lifelong learners, co-operative workers, competent teachers, and critical thinkers who are willing to adapt to a changing world for the betterment of the larger community.

Through a close and collegial partnership with everyone associated with Dellwood, I am confident we can make our schools an even better place for our students to learn and grow. Working together we can make a difference in the lives of our students.

Please feel free to contact me on 295 7404 or for more information on Dellwood Middle School.

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