Clearwater Middle School

Principal’s Message
Keisha Douglas
principal-clearwaterIn September 2015, it was with delight that I procured the role of Principal at Clearwater Middle School. After serving The Berkeley Institute and The Bermuda Union of Teachers for 20 years, I made a profound commitment to myself to expand my leadership capacity by giving the very best I have to the Clearwater Middle School community, including our staff, students, parents and all other stakeholders.

Our team has high expectations for students both academically and behaviourally. I am pleased to report that the Clearwater family continues to raise the bar in both aforementioned areas. It is my aspiration that every person who enters our doors will recognise that our school is an extension of our commitment and dedication to ensure student success. We have had a wonderful school year thus far!

Deputy Principal, Mr Anthony Wade also joined the Clearwater Middle School community in September and I wish to acknowledge him and his leadership role within our school. When we arrived, our goal was to develop a culture of consistency and accountability in all that we do and I am proud to say that we are achieving this. Clearwater Middle School is a great school where we insist that students focus themselves for greatness daily and ‘Soar Like Eagles’.

I look forward to its continued success with the support and assistance of our dedicated teachers, parents, students and community partners.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!


Transformation Years

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