CedarBridge Academy

Principal’s Comments

principal-cedarbridgeIn 2007 the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges described CedarBridge Academy as one of Bermuda’s best-kept secrets. As the principal of the school for the past 17 years, I know that it is no secret what we have been able to do for Bermuda’s youth who have entered our hallways prepared to take advantage of the range of programmes we have presented to them.

After being open for 19 years, we are coming into our own identify as a school and the name CedarBridge Academy is more affiliated with excellence and positivity than it has been in the past. We are cultivating excellence in academics, athletics, the arts and altruism through the efforts of competent, caring and committed staff, educators and school leaders.

Our academic programmes meet the diverse range of abilities and interests of our students and the academic standards require all students to attain high levels of academic achievement. We challenge students to exceed expectations and we celebrate them when they do! We have seen notable improvements in our I/GSE results and some of our AS level results.

Our students are also proving that they are up to the task of taking international examinations and college courses in a reduced amount of time. This year, for the first time, we will have two students graduating with an associate’s degree from Bermuda College at the end of their S4 year. Some of our students who are on an accelerated track will complete the four-year senior programme in three years.

The visual and performing arts programme at CedarBridge is preparing our students to achieve excellence in international examinations and to help them to understand what is required in the real world for artists and performers.

Students are achieving excellent results in the visual and performing arts GCSE exams and they are doing exceptional work with live performances in these areas. Additionally, some of our students are afforded the opportunity to participate first hand in the technical operations of productions and events, creating a total experience in the production of events.

We have some of Bermuda’s most talented athletes playing on our sports teams. Many of the students who are excelling in sports at school and they also play on many of Bermuda’s national sports teams and represent our country internationally.

We call our athletes “student athletes” because we want them to understand that they are students before they are athletes and that academics comes before sports. This is not because sports are not important, but because we recognise that doors open for athletes who are outstanding academically.

Over the years we have seen many athletes earn full scholarships to attend universities overseas. Just this year alone we have had some of our S2 and S3 students receive promises of full scholarships when they graduate and one of our S4 students has already secured a full athletic scholarship to a college in the United States.

After 19 years since our doors first opened, our graduates are making their presence felt in the Bermuda workforce. They are serving, they are leading and they are living up to our mission: “We are CedarBridge Academy and we cultivate Bermuda’s achievers!”

CedarBridge Academy Raising the Bar!!!




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