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Principal’s Comments
By Dr Lois Tucker

principal-binstitute“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” These words of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, dating back to the Battle of Britain in 1940, still resonate with resounding truth today.

The immediate unsung heroes are not the fighters in Britain’s Royal Air Force as they fought against the oppressive forces of Nazi Germany during the Second World War but the teachers and students in the country’s school system.

Teachers throughout this Island fight the fight against ignorance, laziness, violence, poverty, entitlement and the like. They go into our classrooms daily and continue the fight with passion, drive, and commitment. They are today’s real heroes.

The students who respond and dare to adhere to high standards achieve worthy expectations and realise noble goals are the heroic results. We recognise the positive aspects that our youth today contribute to our community through positive involvement in their schools, serious personal goals and aspirations, a determined sense of service and an unyielding urge to give back to the community. We salute our students.

On a grand scale while we salute our students for the heroic accomplishments they make now, Bermuda Institute is also concerned with the ultimate destiny of our children. In the words of our school mission statement, “Bermuda Institute is committed to encouraging its students to develop a personal relationship with God, challenging them to academic, physical, and social excellence, thus preparing them for Heaven, service to God and their fellowmen.”

We recognise the spiritual responsibility we share with our parents to ensure the ultimate destiny of our students.

Finally, instead of focusing on the negative elements in our society, ever deepening the impression of despair, fear, and frustration, agencies that commit to the work of education are vital as we forge a “village” to ensure the wellbeing of our society. Hats off to them.

The Royal Gazette needs to be commended and recognized for this initiative that casts the spotlight on our students and the schools that stand as heroes in their own right. Thank you and God bless “our heroes”!

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