Berkeley Institute

Principal’s Comments

principal-berkeleyThe Berkeley Institute is a 118-year-old Bermuda institution with tremendous history, tradition, and prestige. Our school holds a legacy of excellence and leadership that demands prescience in strategic and academic programming in order for the school to remain relevant in this ever-changing world.

With quality and pride, the Berkeley Institute continues to provide pathways to success for students with a diversity of skills and talents. In keeping with our legacy of producing leaders, it is morally imperative that Berkeley address local and global concerns, both programmatically, philosophically, and practically, in order to produce change agents who can positively impact the world around them.

I am pleased that this issue of the New Berkeleyite provides readers with information on programming as well as student viewpoints on economics, the environment, entertainment, health, human rights, law and politics, and labour. Attention to these issues is commensurate with Berkeley ideals. Being a Berkeleyite is synonymous with academic excellence and leadership, as well as caring about, being invested in, and providing leadership in the local and global communities.

I will only add the following: Being a Berkeleyite also means being a visionary leader who can imagine possibilities beyond what others see, being a risk taker who pursues change when others are satisfied with the status quo, advancing excellence in all areas, and motivating others to achieve with excellence and to exceed expectations.

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